Primitive Mind Productions will acquire, fully develop and arrange financing in order to produce high profit motion picture projects, all with a cost effective budget. We strive to utilize our core strength and team experience, and with our extensive network of industry contacts and business relationships we are able to facilitate both creatively and financially successful productions for our investors and business partners. We plan to nurture our business relationships and expand our contact network while maintaining the highest level of conduct and integrity.
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At Primitive Mind we can facilitate all aspects of motion picture production. Once a project has been greenlit, the final preparations for production go into effect.
Pre Production
Activities during this phase will include hiring key production personnel, determining production locations and shooting schedules, creating storyboardʼs or concept art, and finalizing the detailed budget of the project. It is during the preproduction phase that we begin to define the visual style of the project as well as map out all specific scheduling and shooting details.
Principal Photography
The first day of actual production is known as principal photography, itʼs when the filming process begins and the project is officially in motion. Principal photography is a militant process structured specifically to maximize a crews shooting pace while maintaining the ultimate production value and keeping the set organized.
Post Production
During the post-production stage, the project is edited and cut together utilizing music and sound effects in order to help tell the story. Color, special fx, and custom titles are added at this time and a lot of detail work is done during the post production process in order to maximize the viewers experience.
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Primitive Mind offers cutting edge sound design and music production. We take pride in our ability to fuse traditional scoring and new age production techniques together in order to create , and with our methodology and approach to music creation. We believe music can come from anything, and anything can make music. The result is music that is not only sonically interesting and relevant, but has an attitude and vibe that carries the picture, and acts entirely as its own character. All with the epic-ness, timelessness and grace that you would expect from hollywood. We also pay very close attention to sound design -- knowing that good sound is captured on set and created during the post production process.
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HDRMP (High Dynamic Range Motion Picture)
We are proud to announce that at Primitive Mind Productions we are launching a new look in Cinema known as HDRMP(High Dynamic Range Motion Picture), and we are currently patenting our new technology. Our new HDRMP look and feel is exactly what the new wave of Graphic novel style films are going for. It is a proprietary post production process that combines multiple exposures(Film or Video) together to create one master image resulting in unattainable highlight and shadow detail while showing cinematic texture with an exposure latitude that more closely resembles what we see with the human eye.
It is not just about the resolution in motion picture anymore, todays cameras have ample resolution, so it's the quality of the pixels rather than the number of pixels that really matter now. This shift in focus between resolution and dynamic range is the beginning of an important trend and soon HDRMP digital imaging technology will change how we capture, manipulate, and display images forever. At Primitive Mind Productions we saw the HDR wave coming years ago and we are now ready to ride that wave and take full advantage of our new technology and it's staggering potential. We are confident that we can produce some of the worlds most breathtaking and cinematic images ever seen(far beyond our current demo's caliber), and we plan to make our presence very well known in the industry.
Displaying a 360 degree angle of view in realtime motion picture.
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