Primitive Mind is an independent film production company based in Hollywood, California. We are a team with raw talent, and are able to create and sell visually compelling content at a minimum expense with production values necessary to tap the lucrative global marketplace. We are narratively trained film makers who organize and visualize the end result of our product prior to execution. It is our intent to look outside the box of the entertainment industry in order to provide a streamlined approach to filmmaking and we strive to utilize experience, creativity and new technology to produce passionate and profitable films.
We intend to independently finance motion picture productions and secure funding through private investment via equity interest, pre-selling territories, sales advance from distributor(s), co-production financing, and/ or loans. Primitive Mind is currently working on a new visual style in cinema known as HDRMP and we seek funding for testing and proper gear to facilitate our workflow. The HDRMP technology results in an image with breathtaking cinematic quality and has flawless highlight and shadow texture and detail.
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Founder and CEO of Primitive Mind Productions, Mr. Williams is a narratively trained Writer/Director whoʼs ability to organize and visualize prior to execution has allowed him to blaze new trails with experimental and abstract film styles. Mr. Williams recently patented a new visual style in cinema known as HDRMP(High Dynamic Range Motion Picture). This “new look” is a proprietary workflow that results in an image with breathtaking cinematic highlight and shadow detail, and itʼs exactly what the new wave of Graphic novel and comic book style films are going for. Mr. Williams also works at Cucoloris in Hollywood California as a commercial Director alongside Danny Ducovny. Cucoloris has produced commercial campaigns for every major advertising agency in America, as well as agencies in Europe, South America, and Asia. Cucoloris was nominated for Production Company of the year by the California Film Commission and they have received over one hundred awards from various international film festivals and industry organizations. Mr. Williams is also an Executive Producer and co-owner at Wayward Pictures, which is currently involved in multiple high profile projects within the entertainment industry and holds an impressive slate of films in development.
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Brice Bradleyʼs style is a combination of classic cinematography and modern art. His use of light, shadow, color, movement and composition brings the directorʼs vision to life. While completing his thesis at The Los Angeles Film School, Brice was hired as the Gaffer on the LionsGate release titled “The Last Resort” at the young age of 20. Since then, his knowledge and love of cinematography have taken him to work on various projects that have had much success in film festivals such as Arpa International , LA Shorts Fest, and Tribeca. As a member of the Primitive Mind Productions team, he worked along side fellow filmmaker Landon Williams to create the visual style HDRMP(High Dynamic Range Motion Picture). Brice consistently works as a Cinematographer and gaffer in commercials, features films, and television with top notch high profile clients.
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Jeff Icuss is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who is on the cutting edge of modern sonic and music creation. When Jeff is not Composing music, he is supervising all other aspects of auditory creation for Primitive Mind Productions. Jeff is also a writer, and once called new york his home where he worked on Madison avenue with some of the worlds biggest brands. Jeff is a creative powerhouse, and he is known for setting some of the highest standards for quality. Jeff brings big sounds and big ideas to Primitive Mind Productions.
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Forest Robin is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. Originating in the Northwest and spending years in traveling theater troupes, he relocated to Los Angeles and has earned roles roles on NBCʼs The 70ʻs and CBSʼs Medical Drama City of Angels. Being the renaissance man that he his, he migrated to behind the camera as well and has established himself as a writer, director and producer. Mr. Robin built his career around pioneering new digital methods for production and post production in film and television and has extended this talent into the world of distribution as well. He now focuses his abilities on the future of entertainment delivery and revolutionary social engineering methods and practices. Forest has served as a consultant, workflow specialist, post-production coordinator and post-production scheduler for Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Television, AMediaVision, 2G Digital and Fox. Forest is a founding member of Lumen Specto, Wayward Pictures, Ripped Sky Entertainment and is a proud member of the Primitive Mind team.
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Los Angeles native, Ryan Reels, CEO of Reels Pictures, LLC, started his career after graduating from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Soon after, his passion guided him to independent film, where he Co-founded Collaborative Studios and produced the Lions Gate release called,“The Last Resort”. Joining forces with producing partner Forest Robin, Ryan Co-founded Lumen Specto Inc. in 2007 to begin development on LHD, a cloud network TV distribution platform with social networking capabilities. In 2010, Ryan Reels produced the best horror nominated Action on Film International selection “Excursion” and later directed the controversial Arpa International official selection “Interrogation”. Ryan is also an Executive Producer and co-owner at Wayward Pictures. Ryan is a multi-hyphenate talent and brings creativity, experience and business acumen to the Primitive Mind Team.
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John attended Kansas University majoring in English and Film Studies. Mr. Stansifer is a cousin of Pulitzer and Oscar winning playwright William Inge. He was also friends with beat icon William S. Burroughs and wrote his first screenplay in 1990 gaining interest from Kevin Costner and Richard Donner (SUPERMAN). John has written more than 20 screenplays in various genres including three adaptations of novels and biopics on such personalities as William Quantrill, Johnny Appleseed, Edgar Allan Poe and Cary Grant. With several scripts under option, John formed Wayward Pictures with Forest Robin, Landon Williams, and Ryan Reels. John also works for Avi Arad (SPIDERMAN, IRON MAN) and Avi is exec producing John's biopic THE LONG STRANGE TRIP OF CARY GRANT. Wayward Pictures is also producing LOVE IN VAIN, a biopic of bluesman Robert Johnson written by John's screenwriting mentor Alan Greenberg. Wayward Pictures is writing, developing and producing films in several genres.
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Clenet Verdi-Rose, acclaimed Director/Producer for his award-winning feature film "Skyler" which was edited by Landon Williams. Clenet began his film work at Wheaton College, Norton, MA, and Lorenzo de' Medici, in Florence, Italy in International film work. Graduating in 2004 with a BA degree in Studio Art and Film and a premiere showing of his independent film documentary of Boston's Hip Hop culture, "Life Off the Floor". Clenetʼs career brought him to Los Angeles, California where he was accepted into the Director's Guild of America. Clenetʼs director/ production work has been recognized with awards and accolades including the "Best Director" Award for his role as Director/Producer in “Skyler”, as well as “First Place Feature Film” from the Los Angeles Art-House film Festival in 2011. “Skyler” was also recognized as a Merit Award Honor of the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Spring, 2011 and selected as the World Premiere feature film at Beverly Hills' "Los Angeles Film and Music Festival". In 2012, Skyler was awarded a Silver Award for Best Feature film in the California Film Awards in San Diego. Clenet is also a founding owner and partner in the Green-Rose Production Company.
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Steve has a big ear and a keene eye for music and art. His vision is motivated by real life and driven by experience. His work ethic involves true creative collaboration, communication, quality, integrity and respect. His thought patterns are original and bring fresh perspective and new angles of light to the Primitive Mind team.